It's everything you need to run professional, structured, recurring meetings. A cloud platform of a group of apps, each with a specific purpose.

Desktop Administration

An administration application to manage all the content and plan the meetings

A Tablet Application

A tablet application to control a meeting in progress and read the script


A presentation application to control the screen


An attendance application to greet and register all attendees

The Power of Custom We will analyze your meeting and customize the Meeting HUB platform to simplify planning, automate management and improve the delivery of your specific meeting.

Our process defines an attractive branded delivery of your meeting then works back to define the ERP system to manage it.

  • Organizations that rely on the delivery of branded meetings can now enjoy:
  • A firm script that is flexible where you allow it to be.
  • A brand-compliant attractive design to the display.
  • Tools to assist users to plan, manage and deliver a better meeting.

Start Delivering More Professional Meetings